Re-Imagining the Future Business Degree

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Project Description

Re-Imagining the Future Business Degree

We need a new generation of graduates who are not only aware of, but can play a key role in moving the sustainability agenda forward. Business schools are ideally placed to do this, but how? How would you rethink and reinvent business schools to ensure that they train the kinds of leaders that businesses and the planet need?

This short course will guide you through 7 questions that will enable you to explore your own thoughts and ideas around management education’s, your institution’s and your own role in sustainability.

The course is aimed at any individual involved, attending or interested in management education and sustainability.

Duration: 7 days
Delivery: By email
Time per class: 2-5 minutes
Cost: Free!

The Future MBA

A companion to the book…

The Future MBA: 100 Ideas for Making Sustainability the Business of Business Education by Giselle Weybrecht, out now!


All we need now is your email address and your name and your course will start right away.