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The School of Sustainable Chocolate

The School of Sustainable Chocolate uses chocolate to raise awareness about sustainability, and sustainability to raise awareness about the cocoa industry, turning consumers into active participants in supporting quality chocolate and creating a more sustainable cocoa industry for all.

The School  is a series of courses and experiences that break down the story of chocolate into bite sized mortals for students and teachers at all levels, in particular higher education but also team activities for business.

Courses will be released here on an ongoing basis and are created in collaboration with a range of advisors and chocolate experts from around the world. For more information, to collaborate or to organise an experience with your team or class contact us.

Current courses



Embedding sustainability into management education:

Fifty five business school deans and faculty from around the world attending the United Nations PRME event in NYC visited Raaka Chocolate in Brooklyn to learn more about their sustainability sourcing and policies. This was part of a project organised by the School of Sustainable Chocolate to enable faculty to use the cocoa industry as a way of raising awareness about sustainability and the SDG with business school students.