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Gowi is about empowering change makers one day at a time…


Gowi is an online learning platform that takes complex sustainability topics and breaks them down into bite sized portions for time strapped executives, students and consumers. Gowi aims to educate, engage and inspire us to be sustainability change makers in our jobs, our lives and in our communities, one day at a time. Courses are available in various formats and languages.

Courses, also referred to as ‘gowis’ are

  • Focused: break down complex sustainability topics
  • Accurate: developed in collaboration with experts
  • Accessible: in relation to content, language and delivery
  • Positive: explore opportunities and possibilities
  • Inspirational: encourage actions both big and small

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mini gowi logoMini gowis last seven days and are delivered straight to your inbox as daily emails. Classes are short, to the point, and take only 2-5 minutes to read. Mini gowis are free and open to anyone with an email address. Why 7 days?

  • Gives you a chance to think about the topic a bit everyday
  • You are more likely to remember it and act on it
  • You don’t need to allocate a lot of time to learn something new
  • Use what you learn to make sustainability a part of your daily life/job


Coming soon! 

  • In-depth and advanced gowis
  • Mini gowis in multiple languages


To make sustainability a reality, in business we all need to be change makers in some way. Regardless of what we do or how much time we have, we can all be part of positive change. However sustainability is a complex topic, and we often don’t have time to dive into it enough to know what we can do and how.

After many years working in the field of sustainability, founder Giselle Weybrecht was tired of hearing all the reasons we couldn’t move forward on issues that are important to us all. Gowi came about as a way to provide a helpful push and give everyone a chance to be a change maker. Gowi stands for “Get On With It”. The logo illustrates our spheres of influence (personal, professional, community), spheres where we have an impact daily and which gowi courses explore.


Looking for a particular course? Interested in collaborating to create a new course? Please get in touch.

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Gowis can also be created for individual organisations to educate your team or prepare and motivate participants for an upcoming event or meeting. Gowis can also be delivered live at events.

Tailor-Made Courses


We are looking for individuals to translate the courses into various languages as well as young illustrators to create works to accompany new courses. Contact us for more information.



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Gowi is a contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals

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